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We are a health and lifestyle company that gives you 24/7 mobile access to healthcare and live doctors, while helping you save on healthcare expenses above and beyond what your insurance will pay.
Within minutes of calling at 4 AM, I was speaking to a doctor, who confirmed I had a pinched nerve, not a heart attack. Not going to the emergency room probably paid for my next ten years of premiums for CBP Care!

Dennis, Oregon

I got Shingles on the first weekend in May. I called the card number and WOW. This was a Sunday and it took less than 2 hours from call to pickup of prescription. What an amazing service!

John, Colorado

Got clipped by a tree branch last weekend while mountain biking. Within minutes was connected to a physician who was able to determine that my arm was not broken and suggested that I rest on it and see if it got better. Woke up 90% better and avoided a trip to the ER!

Pamela, Wisconsin

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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or Your Money Back.